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A licence holder may have their licence suspended or cancelled if it can be demonstrated that they had not erected scaffolding safely.

Holders of high risk work licences are expected to comply with the obligations in the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995. This includes:

  • perform the work or activity in a manner that minimises the risk of illness, injury or death to people
  • are not negligent or incompetent when performing the work or activity.

Additionally, licence holders are expected to:

  • advise relevant state government body in writing of any changes to information which may affect their licence
  • keep their licence on them for inspection if requested
  • apply for a replacement licence if it is lost, stolen or destroyed, or
  • ask relevant state government body to amend or cancel the licence if necessary.

What happens if I perform scaffolding work without a valid licence?

Performing high risk work without a valid licence is illegal. The employer can receive an on the spot fine for allowing a worker to perform this work and a person can also receive an on the spot fine for performing work without a valid licence. If caught working unlicensed, government inspectors may issue prohibition notices to obligation holders. All site work requiring a licensed scaffolder will immediately stop until a licensed scaffolder is available. This can delay the construction work and can be costly to the contractor.

For more information

To find out more about scaffolding licence requirements contact the relevant government organisation in your state: