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Contact The Scaffold Tool & Training Company to book in for a course – Scaffolding Basic, Scaffolding Intermediate or Scaffolding Advanced. You must complete a Basic Scaffolding course before you can attend an Intermediate Scaffolding course.

Once you have successfully completed your course and been successfully assessed as competent, you need to lodge your paperwork to obtain your High Risk Work Licence (within 60 days).

Where do I lodge my paperwork and how much does it cost?

You have a maximum of 60 days from the date of assessment to lodge your paperwork at a relevant government organisation for a fee as listed (the training course is an additional cost).

  • Victoria $64.00 lodge at Victorian Australia Post Office
  • Tasmania $61.60 lodge at Service Tasmania Shop
  • Queensland* $68.10 lodge at Queensland Australia Post Office
  • South Australia $67.00 lodge at Service SA Customer Service Centre or Australia Post PhotoCapture outlet

* As a condition of accreditation in Queensland, assessors are not permitted to conduct an assessment for a high risk work licence class unless they sight evidence of formal training and supervised practical training (e.g. log book).

How long is my licence valid?

Scaffold licences are valid for five years. Each licence lists the licence class and includes an expiry date. Once the five-year period has expired, you will need to contact the relevant government body in your state to renew your licence.

Is my licence nationally recognised?

Yes. Scaffold licences are recognised throughout Australia.