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SB - Basic Scaffolder

  • Prefabricated scaffolds
  • Cantilevered hoist with a load limit not exceeding 500 kilograms (materials only)
  • Ropes
  • Gin wheels
  • Safety nets and static lines
  • Bracket scaffolds (tank and formwork)

SI – Intermediate scaffolder, all of SB and:

  • Tube and coupler scaffolds including tube and coupler covered ways and gantries
  • Cantilever crane loading platforms
  • Cantilever and spurred scaffolds
  • Barrow ramps and sloping platforms
  • Scaffolding associated with perimeter safety screens and shutters
  • Mast climbers

SA – Advanced scaffolder, All of SB, SI and:

  • Hung scaffolds, including scaffolds hanging from tubes, wire ropes and chains
  • Suspended scaffolds