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Scaffold Training Videos

See our Trainer/Assessor, Kent Fisher, at work explaining in simple terms the complexities of Design Loads separated into:

Watch this YouTube Scaffold Training Video for a great audio and visual representation of the scaffold erection process including perimeter, birdcage, suspended scaffold and much more...

Fit For Purpose, Keeping Scaffolding Safe

Check out the below U-Tube videos which will assist in your scaffold knowledge:

Harness Safety

Mast Climber Type

Trailer Mount Mast

Swing Stage in High Winds

Fred Dibnah was filmed by a regional BBC news crew and commissioned an award-winning documentary, which followed the rough-hewn steeplejack as he worked on chimneys. His Lancastrian manner and gentle, self-taught philosophical outlook, proved popular with viewers and he featured in a number of television programs as seen below

How to erect a chimney scaffold

How to remove the top of a chimney stack